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Can estate planning be green?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Firm News

Estate planning is a great way to leave a final representation of who you are. You have the opportunity to take care of your family and loved ones, but you can also represent your passions. If you are interested in caring for the environment, there are ways to incorporate your green philosophy into your estate planning.

Designate funds or assets to your favorite eco-friendly organization

As you consider where your savings and assets will go after you pass, you may want to consider incorporating charitable giving. Do some research on environmental organizations and find ways that your assets could support them.

Depending on the organization you choose to support in your estate planning, you can designate either funds or assets. You may be able to incorporate that giving descision into your estate plan by creating a charitable trust or foundation with your attorney.

Choose a green alternative for your burial

A green burial is a way for bodies to be cared for in a way that has less environmental impact than a traditional casket. You can find burial grounds that are dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and preserving the surrounding habitat. Often, these cemeteries use biodegradable caskets.

You can also request that your ashes be put into a biodegradable urn that fertilizes the growth of a tree when it is buried. Not only will your burial have less impact on the environment, but it can also create something beautiful for your family to remember you by as well.

Talk with your attorney about more options for going green in your estate planning. They will be able to give you ideas for how to incorporate your passion for the environment into your legacy.